Saved by Jamie. Geillis’ questioning avoided! (“The Way Out” - 01x03)


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Scottish Baftas 2013 Sam Heughan


OUTLANDER (2014) 108 #2 Jamie & Claire defending their lives in “Both Sides Now”

Jamie: “Every man and woman in the world needs to know how to defend themselves, Sassenach.”

Self-defense is just as important now as it was in the 18th Century. I teach martial arts classes to both children & adults, there is no reason whatsoever that any able-bodied person should be unable to defend themselves in some way when attacked. So these scenes were of particular importance to me. First, the MacKenzie party was attacked by members of rival clan Grant & gave a good account of themselves, which precipitated Claire’s lesson in the use of a knife. They give her a sgian dubh, a small blade usually hidden in clothing. Second, such lesson was timely when she & Jamie were attacked by 2 army deserters bent on murder & they had to act or be killed. Third, when Claire is taken to Captain Randall, he starts to use physical violence against her & Jamie has to act to help Claire, as he feels he must protect his wife.

In upcoming episodes 109-116, Jamie & Claire will need to defend themselves & each other against more perils which will test them both.

I have never believed in nor accepted a “damsel in distress” scenario for either women OR men. Be protective of & help others, but also be sure to believe in & help yourself!