J - Come along. I’ll take you back up to the castle.

C - I don’t think that’s a very good idea.I had an encounter with some drunken clansmen in the corridor.

J - They dinna touch ye now?

C - I can’t go back.

this was 1000% necessary


OUTLANDER (2014) 103 #3  Jamie & Claire at the Black Kirk in “The Way Out”

This scene is one of the most beautiful locations & shoots yet!! Exquisitely filmed and NOT a book scene, it deserved a post all to itself!!



OUTLANDER (2014) 103 #2 Claire & The Woman of Balnain, in “The Way Out”

Jamie translates Gwyllyn the Bard’s Gàidhlig song into English:

This one is about a man out late, on a fairy hill, on the eve of Samhain, who hears the sound of a woman, singing sad & plaintive, from the very rocks of Hell…

I am a woman of Balnain
The Folk have stolen me over again
(The stones seem to say)
I stood upon the hill and the wind did rise
And the sound of thunder rolled across the land
I placed my hands upon the tallest stone
And traveled to a far distant land
Where I lived for a time among strangers
Who became lovers and friends
But one day, I saw the moon came out
And the wind rose once more
So I touched the stones
And traveled back to my own land
And took up again with the man
I had left behind

Dear Starz …


Stop it!

First it was the beautiful mancandy of “Spartacus

Then the uber sexy of “Black Sails

And now the perfection of Jamie Fraser in “Outlander

You realize you’re consuming my life, right?!

Well, then … .

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Outlander S/caps Ep 4 The Gathering ‘Je suis prest’


Jame Fraser looking awesome